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Using data from Twitch’s API our researchers have compiled a list of the top casino streamers of June 2023, and other key statistics for the category.

Slots Category on Twitch – Key Statistics June 2023

  • 5,817,723 hours watched
  • 19,170 hours broadcast
  • 8,091 average viewers
  • 26 average channels
  • 303.5 viewer ratio
  • 22,639 Max Viewers
  • 1,128 Broadcasters

Slots Category on Twitch.TV – Average Monthly Viewers Statistics

Slots Category on Twitch.TV – Peak Viewership Per Month

Peak viewership has slipped below 2018 levels – when the category first appeared on Twitch.

Top Streamer Gets Banned?

It would appear that the top streamer of the month SlotsMarko was banned by Twitch for breaking the platform’s newly revised terms of service.

Top 10 Most Watched Slots Channels in June 2023 on Twitch.Tv (English Language)

Rank Channel Name Total Hours Watched Hours Streamed Peak Viewers Average Viewers Followers

Slots Viewers, in June 2023

Slots Channels, in June 2023

Slots Viewer Ratio, in June 2023

Despite a general decline in consumption, Twitch remains popular with Americans. Approximately 85% of U.S. adults have gambled at least once in their lives with at least 60% having done so in the past year.