The gambling game of Keno is a lottery-like game that is widely available in land-based and online casinos worldwide.

Whether you’re new to keno or an experienced player, this guide on keno odds could be extremely profitable.

Unlike newer casino games such as roulette, keno has a long history. The game can be traced back to China at least 2,000 years ago. While some details of the game have evolved a little for modern times, the essence of the game has remained virtually unchanged today.

Understanding Keno

To play this captivating game, players must first acquire cards or tickets, similar to those required to play bingo or a lottery game.

Step two is choosing your numbers. These keno cards feature a grid of squares, each containing numbers that typically range between 1 and 80. As the player, you have the ability to handpick your preferred numbers, with the specific limits depending on the variation of the game.

Once you’ve made your number selections, it’s prudent to consider your keno chances before proceeding. At this stage, you’ll need to officially register your ticket and pay the corresponding amount for your wager.

The keno pay-table serves as your guide to possible payouts. The pay table details monetary rewards for successfully predicting a certain number of correct matches.

In the game of keno, your winning odds are directly linked to the likelihood of your chosen numbers aligning with the drawn numbers.

These odds become more favorable when you exercise moderation in your number choices. For instance, correctly guessing all eight of your selected numbers would yield a larger payout than if you had selected 15 numbers but managed to match only eight of them – as you got a higher percentage of your picks correctly matched.

Keno at Land based & Online Casinos

As well as being found at land-based commercial and tribal casinos in the US, the game of keno is available at numerous online casinos which accept American customers.

Just as the odds of winning in slot games or blackjack may differ from their land-based counterparts, the same holds true for keno due to the distinctive outcome determination system.

The primary distinction between virtual and physical keno games lies in the house edge which represents the casino’s profit as a percentage of the player’s wager. Opting for online play affords you the advantage of better keno odds (~5% is not unusual), as the house edge is typically lower when compared to land-based keno offered at land-based casinos where house edge can be as much as 35% of your bet.

How To Play Keno – Step-by-Step

Let’s look at the rules and how they intertwine with keno odds. Follow this comprehensive step-by-step guide:

  1. Begin by selecting your preferred numbers from the range of 1 to 80. In the standard keno variant, you have the freedom to choose up to 15 numbers.
  2. Indicate your desired wager amount on the provided bet slip. Submit both your slip and the corresponding funds to the keno station.
  3. Retrieve your keno ticket from the station. This serves as your official entry into the game.
  4. Await the selection of the 20 keno numbers

Once all the numbers have been drawn, cross-reference your ticket to determine how many of your chosen numbers match the winning ones. This will ascertain your level of success in the game, and your payout.

Cracking the Code: Keno Odds in a Standard Game

It’s important to know Keno probabilities to maximize your betting profits however, as with most casino games, luck remains a significant factor in all outcomes at this game.

One Number

Your chances of selecting a single number that matches one of the 20 winning numbers are one in four.

Two Numbers

If you opt for two numbers, your keno number odds stand at 1 in 17 for both numbers to be a match. It’s important to remember that a total of 20 balls are drawn in the standard keno variation.

Three Numbers

Suppose you decide to mark three numbers on your keno ticket. The probability of hitting all three numbers and your chances of winning in keno are as follows: 1 in 73 for correctly guessing all three numbers and 1 in 8 for getting at least two numbers right.

Four Numbers

When it comes to selecting four numbers on your keno ticket, your luck takes on the following outlook: There is a 1 in 327 chance of hitting all four numbers, a 1 in 24 chance of matching three out of four numbers, and a 1 in 5 chance of matching two numbers.

Five Numbers

Embrace the thrill of aiming high! (Unless, of course, you’re playing online from the comfort of your own home. Hah!) While the probability of winning in keno by hitting all five numbers may not be exceedingly high, there’s always a chance that fortune favors you.

For five numbers, the probability stands at 1 in 1,551. For four numbers, it’s 1 in 83, and for three numbers, it’s 1 in 12.

Six to Ten Numbers

Let’s now explore the keno number odds when marking a minimum of six and a maximum of ten numbers on your keno card.

Keno spots
(Numbers picked)
Numbers matched Odds
6 6 1 in 7,753
5 1 in 324
4 1 in 36
3 1 in 8
7 7 1 in 40,980
6 1 in 1,366
5 1 in 116
4 1 in 20
3 1 in 6
8 8 1 in 230,115
7 1 in 6,233
6 1 in 423
5 1 in 55
4 1 in 13
9 9 1 in 1,380,688
8 1 in 30,682
7 1 in 1,691
6 1 in 175
5 1 in 31
4 1 in 9
10 10 1 in 8,911,712
9 1 in 163,382
8 1 in 7,385
7 1 in 621
6 1 in 88
5 1 in 20
0 1 in 22