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casino floor

It’s hard to fathom just how popular penny slots are in America until you actually see the casino revenue statistics and breakdowns for yourself

Each month, regulated gambling operators (casinos and sportsbooks) in the US provide profit breakdowns to state regulators segmented by game type.

In these reports one can see which casino games are the most popular, as well as a breakdown of how profitable each game type is for the house.

in June 2023, Nevada casinos’ net winnings from various casino games looked like this:

  • Penny Slots: $255.2M
  • Blackjack: $104M
  • Baccarat: $100.5M
  • $1 Slots: $54.3M
  • Roulette: $36.8M
  • Craps: $33.4M
  • 25-cent slots: $17.2M
  • Sports betting: $9.5M
  • Bingo: $2.56M

(Source: Nevada Gaming Control)

It’s clear that Penny-Slots are the “most valuable player” in the casino – even though they generally come with lower return-to-player (RTP) percentages and often lower payouts, penny slot games continue to draw the crowds.

For this reason, land based casinos generally have more penny slots machines (which effectively don’t differ from regular slots in any way) than video-poker machines and table games combined.

What are Penny Slots?

Once upon a time, a penny was the smallest denomination one could wager – so mechanical penny slots became a reality – usually on slot machines with one win-line.

Today you can certainly play real-money casino slots for small denominations, like 5c or 10c per spin, but it’s difficult to find slots that play as low as 1 cent.

These (relatively) small-stakes slots are sometimes referred to as ‘penny slots’ – however clearly this doesn’t truly reflect the reality. Modern small-stakes slots machines in casinos generally offer multiple win-lines if the bet-amount is raised by the gambler, so if playing at stakes which enable the maximum amount of pay-lines – each spin on a ‘penny slot’ can be a lot more expensive than you might think!

Who do people like penny slots?

  • Ideal for beginners and “low-rollers” – Learn how to play various penny slots games without having to expect to lose a lot of money. It’s not necessary to spend-big in order to enjoy effectively the same casino slots experience as someone making larger bets.
  • Online Penny Slots easy to find – Real money casinos and casino apps offer vast libraries of classic and new penny slots titles from top casino games studios

Online Penny Slots

Real-money online Penny Slots are available to play online in US states which have legal & regulated online casino gambling – including Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Connecticut, Delaware, Michigan and New Jersey.