biggest bad beat jackpot
- Thursday, August 25th, 2022 10:36

In just 1 crazy poker hand – quad Aces met a royal flush – and the loser of the hand got paid $490,708
Eight poker players enjoyed a great day at the Rivers Casino in Pittsburgh. The Rivers Casino’s Bad Beat Jackpot, which had just increased to a massive $1,226,766, was won at the cash game table.

All of this transpired at a $1/$3 blinds No-Limit Texas Hold’em cash game at Pennsylvania’s Rivers Casino, about 4:00 p.m. One of the eight players entered the pot with the best possible starting hand in hold’em, pocket aces A A  and thought his 4 aces were good on a run out of J 9 A Q A  but as fortune would have it he came up against his opponent’s K T  which made a Royal Flush on the river.

Losing with quads is usually something to be sad about – but the loser of this hand did not have anything to sigh about – because they had actually triggered the poker rooms poker bad-beat jackpot with this very unlikely poker hands combination. Additionally, the jackpot had increased to a staggering $1,226,766   since it hadn’t dropped since April 2021.

The hand’s loser, Benjamin Flanagan, received a stunning $490,708 as compensation for his “bad luck”. Raymond Brodersen, who won the hand, also collected an additional $368,029 for his Royal Flush. The remaining money was divided among the remaining six players, who each received $61,338.

For Rivers Casino Pittsburgh, a new bad-beat jackpot record

On April 14, 2021, the Rivers Casino in Pittsburgh saw the last Bad Beat Jackpot win. Then, because the prize pool was “only” $149,417, the players at the table were permitted to share a far smaller sum. The previous record had more than doubled, as there was now $1.2 million in the pot. Prior to that, the largest poor beat jackpot at Rivers Casino was $480,000, and that jackpot occurred in 2017.

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