pai gow million-dollar-jackpot straight flush at the Venetian casino, las vegas
- Tuesday, November 1st, 2022 9:16

$5 side-bet and 7-card straight flush at Pai Gow wins $1,009,601
At the Venetian, Las Vegas, a local from Las Vegas won over a million dollars hitting a seven-card straight flush (with a joker).

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The winner requested to remain anonymous, officials said.

The visitor playing Pai Gow Poker placed a $5 side wager, making them eligible for the progressive jackpot, which hit – for a huge $1,009,601 pay-day.

Largest Progressive Jackpots in Gambling History

Paying ‘a little extra’ in order to potentially win life-changing sums of money – and progressive jackpot games can be found in online slots, poker and of course Pai Gow.

Some of the largest gambling progressive jackpots in the past include:

  • Mega Moolah Slot– (€7.29m) – Players have won over €919 million since this online progressive jackpot slots game first launched. In Feb 2022 a lucky player hit the top jackpot of €7,296,286.88 on the classic version of Mega Moolah.
  • Rivers Casino, Pittsburgh ($1.2M) – 8 players at $1/$3 poker shared a $1,226,766 progressive poker bad-beat jackpot when Quad Aces lost to a Royal Flush
  • Motor City Poker Bad Beat Jackpot ($1,068,590 Jackpot) – In January 2018 at Detroit’s Motor City Casino a lucky poker player triggered the progressive bad-beat jackpot (which totaled $1,068,590) – with one player taking home $427,452- and the remainder shared among the other players in the hand.
  • Carbon Poker Bad Beat Jackpot ($1,200,000 Jackpot) – In Feb 2009, the BBJ at now defunct online poker room Carbon poker hit $1,200,000 before dropping (with a Straight Flush losing to a larger Straight-Flush).
  • BetOnline Poker Bad Beat Jackpot ($1,249,972 Jackpot)- One lucky player triggered the poker bad-beat jackpot for the second time within the span of a few months walking away with~ 10% of the whole jackpot pool – a cool $218,033 .
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