casino promotions comps explained

Casinos (both land-based and online) offer a hoard of different types of promotions for new and existing customers – to welcome, and reward customers – in order to maximize retention (and long term customer spend!)

We break down some of the common casino promotions and “comps”:

Free drinks

Yes – it’s possible to drink for free in Las Vegas casinos, as well as many other casinos & cruise ship casinos & other gambling establishments worldwide. In fact many land-based European casinos will give new members a free drink and a voucher for a number of casino free spins on casino slots as a welcome package.

Free Spins

Free spins on casino slots are often given to new customers at land-based casinos in order for them to familiarize themselves with slots games at the casino – with the chance of winning some risk-free cash.
Online casinos will often give customers a number of free spins when they make their first real-money deposit – or when they reload their account (promotions vary by operator).

Casino Miles & Casino Rewards Programs

Just like credit-card companies have points programs, casinos have their own gambling rewards programs which track your play and spending at the casino and its sister properties (via a players card) – rewarding gamblers with VIP points which can be cashed in for free rooms, meals, flights and more.

Sahara Las Vegas – Players Card Program

Sahara has a multi-tier casino loyalty program – the “players card program” which rewards players based on their play and spend at Sahara.

As customers move up the tiers they get a daily point multiplier which can reach 6x! As players move up each tier their multiplier increases.

The baseline earnings at level 1 of the program is $1,000 in spend to get get $1 in comps – so it’s smart to tier up to higher VIP levels as soon as possible in order to earn VIP points faster via multipliers.

Hard Rock Loyalty Program

Hard Rock Casinos has been working to integrate all its cafes, hotels and casinos under one unified tiered loyalty program called, “Unity”.

“Unity Points” are earned based on spend on both gambling g&amp’ non-gambling spend at applicable locations.

The Unity loyalty program point earning rates are as follows:

  • 3 Unity Points for every $1 spent at participating Cafes and non-casino Hotels.
  • 1 Unity Point for every $1 spent on all other non-gaming spend in participating Casinos.
  • Unity Points for every $1 spent gaming in participating Casinos.

Earning rates at casinos may vary by location.

Casino Comps: Comped Meals or Hotel Rooms

If you play video poker, slots or table games for a reasonable amount of time at a casino you will more than likely be eligible for free drinks. Usually playing small stakes video poker or slots for 20 minutes+ is enough to attract staff offering free refreshments.

Casino high rollers who spend a lot of money will often be offered complimentary (“comped”) rooms or luxury suites so that they might stay and play at the casino for longer to enjoy more gambling.

Poker Freerolls

Card rooms in casinos often run loyalty freerolls. These are tournaments with a fixed prize-pool which can be entered by players who have logged at least a specific number of hours or generated a specific amount of rake at the poker tables.


Some online poker rooms offer players a % rebate of the rake which the house takes from cash-pots and tournament entry fees if they play a high volume of real-money poker cash-games, sit and go tournaments or multi-table tournaments.

Bad Beat Jackpots

Some card-rooms take extra rake from players, adding it to a “jackpot pool” which can be shared by players at a table when the jackpot is triggered (when a rare and very strong hand – usually quad tens or better – is trumped by an even better one).