Slots streamer Brian Christopher (AKA BCSlots) is a professional gambling streamer and one of the top casino influencers in the world – renowned for playing slots and sharing the action with a vast global audience of fans regularly.

His authentic and charming persona propelled Christopher towards becoming one of the most dominant casino entertainers of 2022.

While others in the space sometimes fake their way to glory, Christopher and his team legitimately grew the brand to an audience of 1.3 million subscribers over multiple platforms. BCSlots streams get ~ 6 million monthly unique viewers, and 600k average daily video views.

BCSlots continues to grow, and has partnerships with cruise companies, and gaming companies (there’s even a BCSlots branded slots game “Brian Christopher’s Pop’N Pays Morewhich can be played in a growing number of U.S casinos and on casino cruise ships worldwide).

BCSlots pop'n'pays

We had a brief Q&A with Brian who offered tips for content creators, and explained some of the challenges & realities of the casino content creator business – as well as the importance on sponsorship How did you get started as a casino content creator, and how long until you were able to monetize and go “all in” on content marketing & treating BCSlots as a business?

BCSlots: I’ve been posting slot videos for 6 years.

As soon as ANY channel turns on monetization, they are automatically considered a business. After one month of uploading, i was invited into the partner program to start monetizing, but it took a long time before I turned a profit. Playing slots is a very expensive hobby, so anyone thinking they can just upload videos to offset their losses is in for a real surprise.

Very few channels are able to turn a profit, which is why sponsorship like our ones with Carnival and Plaza are so important.

That allows us to pay our employees a very good wage with benefits.

Ten families now rely on us for their livelihoods, so we need to make sure we run it smoothly and smart! What words of advice, or tips can you give for other casino games lovers who want to build an audience, or existing content creators and streamers dreaming big – looking to make a career out of streaming / entertainment.?

BCSlots: Don’t gamble in order to make videos. If you’re already a gambler and wish to film them for fun, do so. As I said, it’s SUPER expensive and now more than ever the competition is so fierce. So pour your love and soul into it, just not your bank account! Most importantly, be yourself. Then no matter what anyone says, you know you’re doing your honest and true self, and the rest is just noise. Thoughts on “fake streamers” on Twitch / YT , and any tips how to avoid dealing with scammers as a streamer / website owner.

BCSlots: This is the first time I’ve heard this term. I imagine this either refers to people who pretend to be playing in a casino but are at home, or are playing with crypto currency provided by the site? I would never watch or support these channels, and to be clear I ONLY use my own funds to gamble with.

When I lose $10,000 on or in a casino live stream, that’s at my own dime.

Every day we block about 3-10 fake Brian Christopher accounts, it’s super annoying and tedious. Yet people must fall for them, as these accounts don’t stop coming.

I wish people would learn that if you win a prize, you never have to pay for it. Only messages coming from our account, that is VERIFIED with a blue checkmark, are real. And we never give out cash winnings or ask for personal banking or credit info.