Tennessee does not currently have a regulated gambling industry – and currently has no regulated gambling options for casino gamblers (0 land-based casinos, 0 card-rooms) in land based or online casinos.

In the Volunteer State, there are only a few horse tracks, a state-run lottery, a few regional lotteries, and very little charitable gaming. No exceptions are allowed under Tennessee’s strict requirements, not even those that are typical in other states with anti-gambling laws. Games played in homes, offices, or other private locations are not exempt from this rule.

The majority of Tennessee residents’ gaming comes from Mississippi, which is adjacent to Tennessee to the south, as well as additional possibilities in Missouri to the west. According to a research by a Tennessee lobbying group in favor of gaming, Tennessee residents directly provide 10% of all gambling revenue in Mississippi.

If you’re looking for a live poker game in the state of Tennessee, the state has deemed poker completely illegal, so you’re “drawing dead” on that front for now in Volunteer country.

The legal age for gambling in casinos in Tennessee is . Read our USA Gambling Ages guide

Legal Gambling Age in Tennessee
Gambling Activity Legal Age
Bingo 18
Lottery Games 18
2 types of gambling are legally permitted in Tennessee:
  • Bingo
  • Lottery Games
4 types of gambling are not legally permitted in Tennessee:
  • Casinos
  • Poker
  • Horse-Racing / Dog racing
  • Pari-Mutuel betting

Who regulates Gambling in Tennessee?

Gambling in Tennessee is regulated by the Tennessee Education Lottery Corporation

Casinos in Tennessee

There are 0 Casinos, sportsbooks, cardrooms, race-tracks or cruise ships in Tennessee.