craps vegas strip

“The best craps games” from a player’s perspective usually hinge on several key factors that enhance their chances of winning or provide a more enjoyable gaming experience.

Here are some of the aspects players often consider when looking for a good craps game in Las Vegas (on The Strip and Downtown LV):

  1. Low Table Minimums: Lower minimum bets allow players to stretch their bankrolls further, enabling longer playtime and more opportunities to win.
  2. High Maximum Odds: Casinos that offer high maximum odds are highly sought after. Higher odds reduce the house edge on pass line bets. Some casinos offer 5X, 10X, or even 100X odds, which are very attractive to knowledgeable players.
  3. Favorable Field Bet Rules: A field bet pays on 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, and 12. The best rules for players pay double on 2 and triple on 12, reducing the house edge.
  4. Availability of ‘Crapless Craps’: Some players prefer ‘Crapless Craps,’ a variation where 2, 3, 11, and 12 are point numbers, potentially offering more ways to win.
  5. Side Bets Availability: Bets like “All Tall Small” or “Fire Bet” add additional excitement and winning possibilities, even though they usually have a higher house edge.
  6. Fair and Transparent Dealers: Experienced and professional dealers who maintain a fair game are critical. They contribute to the overall gaming experience.
  7. Atmosphere and Table Dynamics: A lively table with friendly players and dealers can significantly enhance the craps experience. Some players prefer a busy table, while others like a more quiet setting.
  8. Rewards Programs: Casinos that offer good rewards or comp programs add extra value to the player’s experience, offering perks such as free meals, hotel stays, or cashback.
  9. Bubble Craps and Electronic Versions: Some players prefer electronic versions of craps, like Bubble Craps or Roll To Win, for their lower minimums and slower pace, which is good for beginners.
  10. Overall Casino Reputation and Service: The general reputation of the casino, the quality of customer service, and other amenities (like food, drinks, and overall ambiance) also contribute to what players might consider the best craps games.

Las Vegas Strip: Best Places to play Craps

  • Table Limits vary widely across casinos on the strip – for instance: MGM’s Aria and Bellagio casinos typically have higher minimums ($25-$50), while places like OYO and Sahara offer lower minimums around $10. Weekend limits tend to be higher than weekdays.
  • Maximum Odds: Most casinos offer 3x4x5x odds. Stratosphere stands out with 10X odds.
  • Field Pay and Side Bets: Common payouts include double on 2 and triple on 12. “All Tall Small” (ATS) and Fire bets are prevalent side bets. Osheas has a unique field bet structure.
  • Dividers/Per Side and Table Types: Some casinos, like Caesars and Cromwell, provide dividers at tables. Options for Crapless, Bubble Craps, and Roll To Win (RTW) craps vary, with several casinos offering these variations.
  • Rewards Programs: Casinos have different rewards programs, such as MLife, Caesars, and Wynn.
  • Comments and Last Update: The spreadsheet includes specific comments like potential for cheaper tables at certain times, and the last update dates for the information range from 2021 to 2023.
  • Some casinos have specific conditions or features depending on the time of day, or day of week: for example, Aria might offer cheaper tables early in the morning, and Bellagio’s minimums can vary significantly.

as ever, , the best place to play craps on the Las Vegas Strip depends on individual preferences for table limits, odds, and game variations.

Downtown Vegas Craps:

Minimum bets vary, with Downtown Grand offering the lowest at $5 on weekdays. Weekend limits tend to be consistent with weekday limits for most casinos. Circa and The D occasionally offer $10 tables in the mornings.

Max odds offered are quite generous in some casinos. Main Street Station stands out with 20X odds, while The D and Downtown Grand offer 10X odds. Other casinos like California and Fremont offer lower odds, typically around 2X or 3X/4X/5X.

Double on field bets is common. Some casinos offer specific side bets like “All Tall Small” (ATS) at El Cortez and The D. Binions, California, and Four Queens have dividers at their tables. Options for Crapless and Bubble Craps vary among casinos, with several offering Bubble Craps. Various casino rewards programs are in place, such as BConnected for California and Fremont, and Club One for Circa and The D.

Note that Main Street Station is open only Friday to Sunday.